we make knowledge stick


A new way of serious gaming where the learning material is divided in short, focused learning goals.


A new way of learning where employees will be trained with short interventions and only 15 minutes per day.

Multi platform

Our products are delivered via all platforms like PC, Tablet and Smartphone. The customer has full control over distribution.

Progress and Data

The progress of employees can be tracked via our WhiteBox distribution platform. Fully in style of the customer.

We train and inspire your staff

in 15 minutes a day

We help organizations develop accessible game-based lesson materials for all employees, to assist you to easily train large groups of people. Our concept is especially useful for organizations that are subject to many procedures and protocols. In short; stricktly regulated environments. Particularly in the area’s: safety, hygiene and routine working instructions. Our approach substitutes existing paperbased teaching materials and reduces the trainingcosts per employee.

We have developed a technique called MicroGaming, by combining the best features of Serious games with the MicroTraining method. This is a form of Serious gaming that covers a single educational goal in 15 minutes.

An effective and fun educational program is created by combining MicroGames on a user friendly, dynamic learning platform. Our training programs are flexible, because of the modular composition. This makes them easy to adapt and adjust. Large groups are effortlessly trained because the trainingsprogram is easily scalable.

We collect extensive userdata, to be able to comprise an acurate image of the progress. The training is tangible and the results for your organization are measurable.

Our solutions are affordable because of the short time we need to develop them.