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The WhiteBox; a platform where you can work on current issues on a daily bases

Our MicroGames work fast and effectively, by means of an innovative, interactive online learning environment. Which is accessible for any organisation and any type of user. In addition to stimulating and facillitating dialogue, the game also generates and shows statistics and results of games played. Combining games and other content is definitly possible, to create […]

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70% Of knowledge gained during a one day training is forgotten the next day

Do you choose a traditional full or half day training or do you choose MicroTraining? Microtraining is comprised from short, powerful (serious) games called MicroGames. These games cover one educational goal and/or message in 15 minutes. MicroGames are focussed on the core problem and will motivate players to consider possible solutions more detailed. Maximum time […]

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People make better decisions if they’ve solved a comparable dilemma before

On a daily basis your staff makes decisions that are vital to your organization. Frequently these decisions are made instinctively. Did you know that your employees make better decisions when they have solved a comparable dilemma before? By creating a safe environment to train important scenarios, you can prepare your staff for these important decisions. […]