On a daily basis your staff makes decisions that are vital to your organization. Frequently these decisions are made instinctively. Did you know that your employees make better decisions when they have solved a comparable dilemma before?

By creating a safe environment to train important scenarios, you can prepare your staff for these important decisions. This enables them to make more efficient choises and deliver better quality.  Effectively this means a higher return on investment for your organization.

Just looking at educational materials has little to no effect. Sustainable knowledge and insight is acquired by actively working with information. You can tell someone to study, but you can’t force them to learn.

Insight developes by actively solving scenarios. This is the added value of MicroGames by InThere. Your employees are confronted with situations that will present themselves during the daily routine. While playing the games, the best way to deal with the situation will become apparent. There are plenty of chances to experiment and make choices you normally would be hesitant to make, all designed to investigate which decisions lead to the best results.

Deploying MicroGames will stimulate and challenge your staff on an individual and communal level, to (actively) search for answers, instead of getting them (passively) presented.

This is the reason serious gaming works so well.