Smartport connects associations and stimulates cooperation. This is nessecary in order to take on the complex challenges of the harbor area and accomplish ambitions.

The smartest and first in class port worldwide. That is exactly the intention of Rotterdam to be in 2030. As it is, Europe’s leading port and industrial complex boast a winning combination of ‘Global Hub’ and ‘Europe’s Industrial Cluster’ – both leading in the field of efficiency, quality and sustainability.

It is an inspiring ambition that creates quite a few challenges.

It is about developing knowledge, share and use it from one collective ambition. The transition onto the best and smartest port can only become successful when all parties involved jointly provide solutions to changes the future will bring.

We are convinced that the most impact in developing knowledge is based on specific questions from the market and that the best results arise when the optimal benefit is gained from joined forces of trade and industry, authorities, and science.