Our MicroGames work fast and effectively, by means of an innovative, interactive online learning environment. Which is accessible for any organisation and any type of user. In addition to stimulating and facillitating dialogue, the game also generates and shows statistics and results of games played. Combining games and other content is definitly possible, to create a complete learning experience.

Considering the correct application of games in organizations and the continuity of a learing- or transformation process is necessary. An impromptu approach to this technique should disappear and be replaced with a stable, durable solution for optimal results.

Developing a plural, ‘Blended Learning’ solution which supplements games with other content such as film, presentations and other media is essential. All people absorb knowledge differently. Some watch instruction video’s, while others prefer reading a document. In our opinion all forms of digital information should be supported and incorporated. This allows all students to study using their preferred methods, at their own pace and in there own time. Only then the best results are acchieved.

Offering offline councelling to players and teams remains important as an addition to the digital materials. Ideally there is a permanent, online learningexperience available for all staff. The most important goal is to inspire and motivate people to want to learn more and expand their knowledge.

With the WhiteBox we provide a platform and create an informal environment where everyone in the organization can work on current issues on a daily bases. The platform also adheres to the current corporate identity and IT structure.

One location for all MicroGames

All MicroGames are collected in one online platform. This makes it possible to quickly deploy and implement them.

All games are available for everyone in the organization, or if preferred only for specific employees, teams or departments.

Unambiguous statistics

Statistieken provide a clear insight into the usage of the  MicroGames and the platform. Even the choices which are made when playing are saved.

This offers managers the possibility to respond to the subject matter and coach effectively with regards to choices made.

Full control

Never lose grip on the platform. The administrator has full control over the portal and the accounts, no IT knowledge required.

The WhiteBox will be equiped especially for your organization. Not only with regards to the functionalities, but also concerning  the look and feel.